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We are technology whisperers.








We prefer text messages. Don’t kill electronic trees.

About the PR & Technology Shop

The Shop is at the intersection of communications, marketing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the things you can create with them, good and bad.  A place to learn what AI is and how to integrate it into your life and business. How to use new computer vision technology built to immerse you in a situation or take you to a completely new environment. There are all kinds of things to learn and build at the Shop.

Our goals are simple and massive

  • Cultivate a reputation as an SME on AI, XR, disinformation and communications strategy
  • Build a consultancy around communications strategy and technology

The Shop is for

PR, marketing and communications managers at brands, agencies, not-for-profits, government and private industry who share a range of interest in AI, XR & disinformation. From the curious to a potential change-agent in their own organization.

What you’ll learn here

Our content is the bricks in a path showing communicators and marketers how to create an organization powered by 21st century technology.

  • Social network visualization
  • Data and data sources
  • Integration strategy
  • Tools you can use
  • Disinformation, brand and reputation management
  • AI education and real-world application
  • Communication strategy
  • Advanced social media analytics
  • Social network analysis

Not to mention the nuts and bolts of writing, media management and events. As well as video production in 2D and 3D.



About Sebastian James

Building upon my successes in marketing and public relations, I went back to school to earn my Master of Science in Global Strategic Communication from Loyola University Chicago. My focus was on communication strategy, artificial intelligence, content creative, virtual, mixed and augmented realities. I think good communicators should tell stories and find opportunity using the tools of the time. Plus, I became fascinated by computational propaganda—Cambridge Analytica, Myanmar, Thanksgiving in New York, 2015 and much more. I also completed an MIT certificate program on AI as a business strategy.

Now, I’m learning how to think and code like a data scientist. I learned how to use the tools of data scientists at Northwestern University’s Data Science Bootcamp, a six-month, 480-hour data science certificate program. API’s, MySQL, visualizations, analytics, Python and what seemed like everything in between.

Want to know more? Click here for one of my favorite Academia.edu articles, “How to be creative in less creative places”.