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We test affordable AI technology for PR people: SummarizeBot

Artificial intelligence isn’t just here to “take the jobs”, it’s here to serve humans as well. There are a lot of AI tools out there that a lot of people don’t know about, unfortunately. This is one of a series of installments written with a goal of helping smart people get smarter about the technology.


A Test of SummarizeBot

Let’s say you have an inordinate amount of articles, papers, reports or simply boring stuff you need to review. You can simply read it, which is always a smart thing to do. But if you have a lot,  it may be smarter to review an in-depth summary to help you decide if it’s worth your time to read all the words. Or use it to help prioritize what to read first. But summaries almost always mean double work.

Meaning it may make more sense to just review every word of every document, link, image and audio file.

Until SummarizeBot. For the casual user, you can feed SummarizeBot links, files, images and audio files and get summaries that are better than you think they’d be. It’s free, but on the homepage it is unclear on how “free” it is.

Casual users can access the bot two ways; the first via a Facebook Messenger app. The second, and much better application IMHO, is to add the app to your Slack channel. I added it to the PRTS Slack channel, and I’ll take you through a few tests. Long story short, SummarizeBot is affordable artificial intelligence technology you can easily use now.


SummarizeBot reads pdfs

I fed it a 1.7 MB pdf of a 2018 report on computational propaganda in the US. In a few seconds, SummaryBot spat out a pretty good summary. The image below is the keyword summary. The bot turned 1.7 MB in text into a slightly more manageable 10-page summary, saving me 34 minutes of time by their estimate. The “Key Fragments” tab takes you to a page of drop-downs where you can read the content the bot used to determine the finding.

A review of SummarizeBot, an AI-powered tool that creates well-done content summares from links, files, images and audio files.


An image of he first page is below, click here for the entire report, which opens in a new tab.

A review of SummarizeBot, an AI-powered tool that creates well-done content summares from links, files, images and audio files.

Pretty impressive, at least to me.


SummarizeBot reads links

Next, I fed the bot the link to an article on recent developments in Uber’s autonomous vehicle program.  Within a few seconds, I got this:

Once again, quick and efficient enough for me to understand the article in a few seconds. Some of you might say “a good opening paragraph should tell me enough,” to which I would say “read the image above one more time.” The summary above is pretty good.


SummarizeBot reads images

As I write this I haven’t tried an image yet, so the following words will be written in the wake of a test. I fed the bot this image of types of propagandist messages that appear on Russia’s Sputnik channel.

In the blink of an eye, SummarizeBot showed me this:

Not the best, but I’ll give the bot credit for trying.


SummarizeBot reads podcasts!

I fed it a 30 minute podcast on teaching families AI. I’m following the same process as above, uploading a file, waiting for the magic and talking about it.

It’s been seven minutes, and I’m still waiting.

It’s been nine, and I think my file was larger than the 10 MB max.

So I found three others, under 10 MB and nothing. The bot read the files but couldn’t report on them. I imagine the bot can read them, but I don’t have time to figure it out. I want to finish and publish this post.


SummarizeBot starts at an affordable $179/month

The award-winning product was developed by a Latvian team of developers, based in Riga. The company has an enterprise product, complete with a range of pricing and service tiers, beginning at $179/month.  The video below, a little dry in the presentation, takes you through the expanded range of enterprise tools, all very valuable for communicators.